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Goal-oriented program

Why Mentorship?

Mentoring provides young people with guidance and confidence needed to ensure strong footholds in their careers. It gives them assurance needed to surmount day-to-day challenges and that they matter. Research affirms that quality mentoring relationships influence young people positively in their social, academic, and professional areas of life. Mentoring shapes a young person to be better positioned for social and economic opportunities. It aids personal growth and development.

Problem Statement

Nigerian youths exist in a society that has abundant but untapped and underutilized human and natural resources. This reality sometimes inhibits and discourages such young people from reaching their potentials. Research, however, shows that with the right mentorship, people in disadvantaged communities/positions can develop and maximize their capacities.

Similarly, young Nigerians – especially those in disadvantaged communities are vulnerable to social vices. They are faced with challenges of fending for themselves, charting a course to lead their lives without the help of a guide or mentor to curtail their excesses. This puts them at a disadvantage to peers from privileged backgrounds. Although some of the youths are not in these categories, they on the other hand tend to experience difficulty in igniting their inner man and identifying their passion and path for their future.

Thus, this program was born out of the need to see young people equipped and mentored for a successful professional and academic life. The project will ensure youths are led down the path of significant growth and development. We believe that youth are our future leaders, and we want to make sure they are ready to play their roles in their chosen paths actively. With our mentorship programs, participants learn the skills they need to adapt to this generation and lead the next.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive platform for young people to access quality mentoring relationships that offer guidance and opportunities in academic, professional, and entrepreneurial development.

Our Vision

To help young people attain desired growth and development in academics, professions and entrepreneurship through quality mentoring relationships.

Overall Approach

The overall approach is capacity building of penultimate and final year students in the university. They will be paired up with established professional, proven entrepreneurs and academics in similar fields.

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

John Crosby

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Become a Mentor

Mentoring essentially provides young people with guidance and confidence to have strong footholds in their chosen careers. It gives them assurance needed to surmount day-to-day challenges and that they matter. As a mentor, you lighten up the path of the mentee. The mentees will draw from your wealth of knowledge and experience. This would be of great benefit to the mentee.

Get Mentored

Research affirms that quality mentoring relationships powerfully influence young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations positively. 

The development of the mentee is dependent on the exploration of career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses; with joint-efforts on means to arrive at it, implementing strategies and evaluating while at it.